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Let's start a new game


My old game ended in a controversy, so let’s start a new game

Note : This is the legendary @TheShermanTanker game. Don’t issue a copyright strike :smiley:

This is a game comprises of two teams.

Team 1 : Staff, Forum Mods and senior in-game moderators (they lose all the time)

Team 2 : Rest of us (We win easily)

So the objective of the game for team 2 is to count numbers starting from 1, the next player counts 2, etc. But the objective of team 1 is to reset the timer by intervening with any random message. And thus, the team 2 has to start over again. Note that a player cannot reply consecutively and must always reply with the next number (and any other gibberish if they wish to).

Example :

Me : 1 hello
James : 2 Hi there
Lordly : 3 hello James
Catty : Nope - reset
Azzer : 1 Start again
Lordly : 2 We win easily
Wyld : Reset, try again

These are not allowed:

James : 1
James : 2
James : 3

Not allowed : Team 1 cannot roast team 2 (the opposite is allowed)

James : 1
Wyld : Reset
Darth : roasts team 2
Wyld : Hahaha

So let’s keep the forum active and have some competitive spirit. It’s obvious team 2 is gonna win, so let’s get started.

Made-up word game


How’s it going guys :smiley:



Last time this was closed for spam I think so Idk if this is the best idea



It was closed not for spam but because a triggered user kept tagging staff for no reason

  1. Oh, ok.


A discord mod with no tag is not a discord mod or an in game mod.




What is the meaning of life?



I told you, this game is easy


I just 8 a sandwich


I wake up at 9 o clock


Im 10% sure this is cheating


I’m 11% sure this isn’t, or maybe it is.


The mods sleep 12 hours a day, they are very lazy


Lol and next year, I will be 13 years old.


Hah! I am already 14!


Well I’ll be 15 next year


They say there are 16 members with the shield tag but none of them are active


That was reply number 17.


When will I become 19


18 is the legal age for…

Smoking and drinking :smiley:

Depending on the country of course