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Let's add nickname to the game (advanced)


So to change nickname. Go to enchated diamond in spawns, press nicknames.

And if users who do nothave vip will only nickname themselves up to 1 time only and vip can do up to 2 times and Uber vip can do in 2 times. So here is how it works.

It just nicknames urself in chat and ur nametag.

I know hackers abuse then but don’t worry! Let’s say a hacker name was: mittu47 and nicknamed himself **tacoman123 ** so here fisrt, record the hacker, next upload to yt and report on fourms or discord. But let’s say mittu47 changed his username to SUPERIORQUALITY123 but no problem! A mod has to do, /ban (nickname) and if the nickname isn’t used, then the game will say: no results of a username nicknamed: SUPERIOQUALITY123 And then you need to tap the user and then the gamessage will tell him/her real username, time played, kills, when was online, and shows him/her skin image. Also with nicknames, hackers can still be banned.

Also hackers can abuse this cause if u see hacker, do /profile (username) and then the game will say:

Real username: mittu47
Ranks: VIP+

Also don’t worry, you cannot edit or change or delete nicknames. But however, u can disable ur current nickname and use ur regular name but if u want ur nickname, feel free to enable it back

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I have no idea what you just said as a solution to that hacker problem…



Well hackers Cann still be banned with nicknames, but the game will question a moderator before banning somone

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Nicknames can be an advantage to hackers.



He did literally say some solutions to the problem… Lol.
Though I still don’t trust this idea at all…



Please re-read @GTROMERO27

Cause I litterly wrote a solutioj

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What’s the point though, this seems to make things more complicated for moderators.



I agree…
Just make a new microsoft account… Lol.

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I don’t know



Well how about this, lets make every users have only 1 chance to nickname urself.

Also nickname is like nickname g urself as a cool nametag as before



Nicknames aren’t needed. It’s only useful for youtubers and other players that could potentially be targetted.



Well this could be cool because it’s useful for catching hackers. @ohrangee567

So a hacker kept leaving game cause they saw me recording them, maybe change ur nametag so they think it’s not u.



You don’t have to @ me every time, it still gives me a notification if you just reply normally :slight_smile:

They won’t know if you’re recording if you don’t tell them. And if they leave the game then good, no more hacker



Hmmm I think the reason some players want hackers to stay so they can get evidence to lock there account



That’s literally Microsoft profiles via
Xbox Live, rendering the suggestion if added, useless. Sorry!

Lifeboat is a featured, and partnered server with Minecraft / Mojang. All featured / partnered servers need to follow specific guidelines. Even if you’re a staff member, you have to sign an agreement with Microsoft because you gain access to sensitive data. Volunteers don’t, but they aren’t able to as they’re still players, and Microsoft’s VERY strict on security

As an official moderator for Minecraft / Mojang, I cant provide any sensitive information concerning the specific guidelines, though this is the main reason features like nicknames are prohibited.