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Let me introduce myself, properly | Killian


Now, I’ve made a couple introduction topics from 2017, but we are in a new age of the forums, and since my two year anniversary is coming up this month, I thought I should introduce myself properly.

Minecraft. When I first heard about it, I wouldn’t pay any attention to it, other than grimace at the game, as I was a Nintendo fan back then. I payed more attention to Minecraft when I played it on a PS3 at a relatives’ house. Of course, it was love at first sight, and almost immediately after, I bought Minecraft Pocket Edition (now known as bedrock). Now, after doing a lot of researching, I finally found two servers I liked on Minecraft PE: Lifeboat and Hypixel PE (which, unfortunately, didn’t last very long). During and after Hypixel’s death, I have been on Lifeboat, and I must say, I was really impressed. My three favorite gamemodes were Bounty Hunter, Survival Games, and Capture The Flag. Let’s start with capture the flag.

When I first played capture the flag, I was a n00b. I didn’t even know how to play. I did, though, enjoy coming to the server, digging up sand on the original map, and making players angry for not being able to get out (since it was a one block gap). I was a real troll back then, especially with the creeper kit. What troll doesn’t love an overpowered kit with no cooldown in a game? You could just jump off while throwing tnt at the other side and could throw tnt again. Back in 2016, ctf was at it’s golden age. Players from all around ctf servers used to come in ctf4, ctf5, and ctf13 all the time. People used to play it all day and night, talking in the hub and playing the game, lots of social interaction was made in this game, especially considering the same players played on the same servers. Heh, ctf even made it to 1,500 players before, and it wasn’t as uncommon as you might think. And then things changed… The maps? There was more than one, and this made players very upset, some even quit. Though we did learn to adapt, and things were like they were before. What really sprung an outrage across not only ctf, but all servers, was the new time limit that was added. We could only play for two hours a day unless we bought VIP, thankfully, this was lifted. But then the better together update came, and changed everything… Ctf? It wasn’t the same anymore. Kits were gone, players left, and, I guess that’s where things went downhill. My friends that I made? @Baccawolf @WaiMeaELijah804 @WuubbssWasHere (please come back) have chosen to leave, along with many others that I knew.

Let’s talk about bounty hunter now. Oooh, bounty hunter was a lot of fun, especially back in the day. It is just like that Blitz game in arcade, except it went on for a long time, a really long time. That is actually where I met some of my friends at, including @MasterBroPro1 and @MasterMinecart. I guess there really isn’t much to talk about bounty hunter, but still, it was something I had to get out there.

Now, enough talk about the games, how did I get here, and when did I get here? Well, I got here because I wanted to talk to Lifeboat, have a say on some things, and heck, I even vowed to become a hacker catcher for lifeboat. I visited the forums during June of 2016, I viewed a lot of topics here, but I didn’t know how to make an account, (well, I made one, but I forgot to verify it via email). Time passed and it was January 20th of 2017. I made an account. That’s right, I did. I came to the forums and made lots of friends during 2017. But during this time frame, I felt like I have been on the forums for a long time, I got really addicted to being here, and I still am. I have even been on this account for 20 days longer than my other one! “Other account?” you may be wondering. Yes, let me explain that in more detail.

So, during hurricane Irma, (yes, I live in Florida), I decided to take a break from the forums to spend some time with family, I even went as far as to anonymizing my old account (still can’t believe I did that) on September 14th, but came back a week later as this account. Ever since, I have been on the forums a lot and still haven’t changed. P.S. The reason why I was having a problem with tagging is, well, I tried to act like a higher individual on Lifeboat :joy: Sorry @xwoodsmc for some of the problems we have touched on with the tagging incident.

Well, that about wraps up my introduction, thank you ever so much for taking your time and reading this, have a great day/night/midnight/morning.



Oh! And my old account was @Killian2 to those who were curious.


Aw man now I really miss Bounty Hunter, was the second Lifeboat gamemode I ever played.

Anyways, nice intro!


Hey, speaking of old games, what happened to eSports? I remember playing it all the time with the squad.


It kind of broke around like spring 2017 if I remember right, and then it kind of drifted off and never came back. I wasn’t on the team then so I don’t really know what happened internally, but it was really fun while it lasted. I think I can still remember the team names… they re-used two of them for LBC street names until the map updated, lol.


I remember the orange one very well, Irving.


Humboldt was like blue… and I think the lighter blue was Aldrich… and of course Irving never won.


Welcome @Killian! Remember when people tagged you for simply no reason?


Yep, people just loved to tumble my rocks back then.


Good old days when I wasn’t even there in this forum.


Heh, anyone remember Fredboat in the discord?


stretching limits of sound audacity


@Killian I’m glad you remember @MasterMinecart.


@Killian ight noob. Im locked out of LBSG cuz staff arent the best here anymore. I remember the old days with the gang. We took over ctf all the time. I still play mcpe, just I am locked out and none of the staff want to help with anything. I have joined their discord, and it doesnt help. ALso, I am mutet and can’t talk ingame :slight_smile:


Hey Bacca, thanks for coming back to read this. Yeah, I know, there have been some problems regarding that issue. I wish it still were like old times.


I actually have him added on discord.


@Killian if you wanna get staff to unlock me, and unmute me, I’ll happily join back. :slight_smile:


Who are you?


Who am I?


Yes. Lol.