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Let me introduce myself fully, I smartypig38


I thought it would be nice for you guys to know a tad more about me, my two year anniversary will be arriving in about two months so hurray for that. Let me introudce myself, I smartypig38.

I’m smarty, aka Smarpug, smart, pig, smartypig38. But you can call me smarty.
In real life, I am Abdullah, but please still call me smarty, Kay thanks.

Before we talk about unsurprising and amazing facts about me, let’s talk about Minecraft. Also don’t say heck.
Shoot, I said it. Time to go Gulag.

Ahh, Minecraft, I first heard about this in 2009, I had a large interest in it, yet I never played it, all I did was mesmerise myself by watching youtube videos about it, the quality back then was nostalgic, the somber yet so soothing piano theme of Minecraft made me shed small tears everytime, I knew this amazing cubey game since 2009.
Then 2014, late 2014, so many things changed, changed in Minecraft, but even then, in real life too. Now I got Minecraft in 2014, and it was… very different from how I saw it those few years ago. The immense feel of the powerful sunrise on a minecraft morning, the sly creepers blowing me up everytime, the mighty ocean monuments. Things.

Which I never really saw in 2009, it felt like a new life was breathed into me, a new experience, playing Minecraft, only it had transformed all the years. I remember, my first creative experience, I was alone on a flat world, and I was a mediocre builder back then, I told myself with impending excitement I was going to create a brick house. I felt as if I were God. And in a few minutes, I built the walls, and it was only 5 blocks high despite being creative mode, and so the night fell, I was scared because I thought creepers would hurt you on creative mode, so I went and stayed inside the incomplete house, with no roof. And I was a little shakey, but I realised that nothing happened, and so the morning came, I continued building and that resulted in a small brick home, with a small cosey inside. The most memorable thing I built on Minecraft

And guess what. I still have it, deep inside my save files. If only one day, I wish to remake it, so it would be so.

I joined Lifeboat in 2015, on mcpe, my first games were ctf, I remember spleef, bounty hunter, fleet, walls were all the craze in the roaring 2015, it was the best time for Lifeboat, CTF however, was my huge craving, all matches were on original map, all of them were epic, building montoholic towers, bow arches, heavily fortified bridges, mining iron and diamonds, knocking people off bridges, defending the flag on foot, full on 30v30 player charge battles, hiding inside the base pinned down by archers, the strong sun in the sky brightening the match, hackers causinf absolute madness, enemy teams mocking each other with signs and vulgar chatting, kits, battlegrounds! And so many more.

I was an old pro on bounty hunter, being vip, I started a bit advantageous, having more gold on my basket, being in diamond armour and wielding a diamond sword, slaying all of the players, I was young, and a pvp hercules back then…
Those days are long gone, bounty hunter is deserted.
CTF is deserted, and so are others…
And me and pvp?
Well, now I can barely hit a a zombie, my days are long gone into the yores of dusk.
And that, would be my experience.

Before we finish here, here are some rather enlightening facts about me.

  1. Despite being called Abdullah, a name from islam, I think, I am irreligious but my dad is basically super muslim. While my mum and sister are too athiests, while brother is muslim with dad. Making life kinda weird, when my dad shops with me, I have to always pick halal food because he gives me long lectures on why halal is well… halal, and doesn’t let me buy food which is nice but contains pork gelatin… (I’m a cannibal…)

  2. Shopping with my mum, is a different story, we go enjoy KFC, we pick british chicken from the shops, and buy any food we want, then we hide it from dad otherwise he’ll be mad and give me an hour long lecture on bla. And yea, my sister also enjoys KFC but my brother don’t.
    But then again, why is daddy muslim if he’s British? Aren’t us brits supposed to be Christians? Life is weird and twisted…
    I hope this doesn’t offend anyone, I was just stating my rather unusual family deployment.

  3. I have an iq of 142, despite being terrible at maths and lazy. Yet, I shine in everything else including finding things and coding.

  4. My favourite expression of dissapointment is, ‘oof’

  5. I’m British and French, but me mum is French, I prefer Scotland though.

  6. I’m usually a cool guy, usually all relaxed, but I do pack an explosive temper in my heart, since it is a volcano,

  7. I’m a Ravenclaw.

  8. I contain an extremely minimal asd. It is so minimal that you can’t notice it.

  9. Luv all ur family, even if you share different views about the world.

  10. I love snow, and feel jealous about people dwelling in my fellow northern countries enjoying it.

  11. I’m weird in a good way.

And yes, that be a few facts about your pig. (Yes i’m a cannibal)

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‘Also @NatoPi1 is a furry’



This topic is made in a similiar structure to Killian’s topic.


bro… im :trig:


I Love ur topic


I’m lazy to read so I’ll translate so google can read for me.

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I rather not introduce my self because some people don’t like me so I will stay quite for now just to stay on safe side😉


Welcome! Nice to learn more about you.


I never did another introduction topic on my 2nd anniversary and now I’m sad

but nice to know more about you


Will never be


i could’ve written an essay with this many words


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I cry everytime i think about the good old days…


My name jeff


Im not better then anyone but i just like to have fun


Old meme kid.


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