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Kibbles Intro


Hello one, hello all!
Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Kibbles. But you can just call me Kibbz or

I first found out about lifeboat in October of 2017. My very first game on lifeboat was an sg match when I went up against a [Pro] and got owned. So I kept on playing Sg for a while, when I started seeing people that were hacking. Then I decided that I needed to find help, so I went online to see if I could find a social page for lifeboat. And that is when I was introduced to the lifeboat forums.

I joined the forums and took action about the hacking reports. Right away I saw that there were staff members and Moderators on the forums that were “available to me” when I wanted information or help.

So I decided to “settle” down on the forums, make friends, and just chill.


I have been playing Minecraft since 2015
I have experience on Xbox, PE, iMac, and some Windows 10 .
I would say that I kind of “specialize” in Survival Mode , I’m a Survival Mode person. Not a creative mode person. I find that my survival mode builds are more creative than my creative mode builds.


You can find me:





Xbox Live

Anyways… that is a small bit of me. If you want more information plz dm on any of those social media’s.

Peace to everyone, and Happy Lifeboating!!@MasterAnonymous2




cool bro




Hi! Have I seen you before?


Welcome aboard to our forums!!!:smile:


I also sent u a gift as u seen