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Just a talk


Excuse lifeboat but why does /spectater command for bedwars? Please add it.

Anyways I heard somone saying add 2 second timer to respawn in sm but it isn’t even being accepted yet? Seriously? You devs aren’t adding 3 second timer in sm to spawn, but it just not happening. We need 3 second timer cuz people are like dieing of this since u could just set spawn and keep respawn ing over and over, we need a timer for respawning,

Also please tell me why water and lava no longer flows? Like it just stays unactive and new flowers unless if it’s auto generated. So the water source block no longer flows and just stays in the air. Also why cant I collect water and lava from a bucket? It just won’t work, can life boat like really fix this?

Also on discord how is lmao not forbidden. It even contains bad word depending on how ur saying it. Can I please dm a mod? Thank you.


Again I’ll be suggesting ideas for sm so don’t worry .:sweat:


The developers are working on making some changes to the spawn setting in Sm, but it takes time for them to make the changes and takes time for it to hit every server. Please be patient.

Water and lava no longer flow because players were purposely making it flood to cause intense lag. On some occasions the lag was so bad we had to reset the maps, causing players to lose anything they had collected or built. Obviously that still happens but if players can’t make the servers really laggy the resets won’t have to happen as often. Water and lava cannot be placed for the same reason.

I’m not sure about the discord rules. You could always message a discord mod about that but I think they try to be somewhat lenient on some abbreviations.


New command that I’m not aware of. Gonna check it out later.


I mean /spectator