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It's been a while


Well… I’m not entirely sure what to say…
Well, you have already probably noticed that my series has stopped(long ago)…
And that I haven’t posted much in the past months…
I’ve also noticed my regular rank is gone, even though a moderator(ahem @Sath ahem) said it would stay…
However, I thought I would warn you all in advance that I might not be on here that much anymore.

I’ve been pretty busy over the past 1/2 year, and haven’t had much time to come on here. I haven’t even had the time to play much of Minecraft.
I’m not saying this is goodbye, and I’m not saying I want anon’d, I’m just saying I won’t be on much, and my series is over.


forums is dying already so meh


The drama (that lasted only for a week) is the one that made this forum active


and after that no one wants to show up anymore


that’s sad. Guess i didn’t miss much…


It’s lifeboat’s golden age… lmao.


TheFancierZebra - Requirements for Trust Level 3

In the last 100 days:

Value Requirement
Visits 12% (12 / 100 days) 50%
Topics Replied To 12 10
Topics Viewed 5 500
Topics Viewed (all time) 2458 200
Posts Read 149 5983
Posts Read (all time) 23495 500
Flagged Posts 0 max of 5
Users Who Flagged 0 max of 5
Likes Given 4 30
Likes Received 17 20
Likes Received: unique days 9 7
Likes Received: unique users 10 5
Silenced (all time) 0 0
Suspended (all time) 0 0

So yeah, there’s a lot of areas where you fail to meet the requirements.


You could’ve explained further…


Oh, talking to sath btw, not you…
probably he will ignore me because he muted me on his notifs (smh I’m tired of such immature acts)


I know that much, yet you told me on the regular page when I asked that it would stay. I can’t pull it up since I’m no longer regular.


If you fulfill all requirements all the time*


welp, you confused me because I took that when you said it would stay, it would stay permanently. You didn’t really give much detail with it.


It’s pinned globally for a reason.


Not to be rude or anything, but you should’ve been more considerate when sharing information.

Come on, Sath, LISTEN!


A forum moderator who expects users to figure out everything for themselves even when they specifically ask for help… huh.


He doesn’t listen smh…


Just saying, I never said that his rank would stay, I don’t even remember him asking me about it. I should have ignored this topic as it was a false claim but I still helped out. That’s fine. :slight_smile:


You can’t consider it a false claim unless you have proper evidence.


Can I get my Status via. Dm please?


Hey Zebra, haven’t seen ya in forever.

Didn’t Azzer lick you in a story?