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Is VIP really worth it? Here are my ideas:


Hello forums!

Recently, I’ve been thinking about Lifeboats VIP offer. And I’ve been asking myself- is it worth it? And all I can conclude is- no.

Vip gives limited perks that don’t pertain to gameplay but rather just chilling out in the lobby and flying around. At least for me, this is not enough to keep me renewing my VIP membership every month.

I feel that VIP should offer more perks, and here are a few of my suggestions:

  • Offer certain Skywars Kits that are “VIP only”.
  • In Bedwars, VIP’s should spawn with 20 brick each time they die.
  • VIPs get one extra life in One in the Chamber.
  • VIPs spawn into Survival games with 3 cooked beef and a wooden stick.

If anyone else has more suggestions feel free to comment them! I tried to keep mine small so that they do not give VIPs too much advantage over other players, but rather just be a good incentive for people to purchase VIP.

Do you agree?

  • I totally agree!
  • VIP is fine the way it is.

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VIP was better in 2015-2016


does this topic need to move into server suggestion?


Sorry but the EULA won’t allow any of this.


They can’t add these suggestions since they go against the EULA


What is the EULA?


End User License Agreement



Not gonna happen.



This is all not allowed after the EULA of Minecraft. We used to have such features, but after the new EULA this is not allowed.


Thank you


Okay thank you! I was not aware of the existence of the EULA.


Fudge EULA, I want 2015 back. Some take this devilish deed of evil easily but not me.


Vip just allows you to fly but that’s useless since I have lag.
And I agree vip needs features.

Also I think in bedwars I think when you, you start off with wooden sword.

Again I totally agree and should this be in server suggestions or general discussion because I can move it.


I bought Vip about 4 or so years ago. And I loved it!

The fun I had with kits was unmatched and I made great memories.

Fast forward to 2019, and VIP is just a vanity item. I mean, sure, particle effects and pets are cool, but it doesn’t affect your game in any way, shape, or form. And I know that the line skipping feature affects gameplay, but only remotely.

It just isn’t the same. And I’ve seen this on the forums a lot recently. I think we should start to petitioning to get kits back, but a lot more balanced and fair then they were back then. Hopefully someone sees this and agrees.


In-game advantages for VIP just can’t come back no matter how much anyone would like them to.

As stated above multiple times, the EULA is the cause for this.


although they cannot add these suggestions, i do agree that lifeboat needs to add more perks to vip


It should be moved


You are completely forgetting about the Eula, sucks being microsoft’s Partner, doesn’t it?


lifeboat should pull a hypixel and make their own game


They won’t though, I wish they could just cancel the whole partnership thingy. It completely ruined their server.