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Is this good connection?


Is this good internet speed for a Xbox one and Nintendo Switch to play at the same time for Minecraft?


Not too shabby.


That’s pretty good.
My download speed is really good but my upload speed is meh


stop flexin



Idk what connection does


But is my connect good for two consoles playing at the same time?


my download speed is at 15.2 and upload speed is 5.57


Why? How is your internet?


I get 100 download
76 upload
300 Ping


How is your connection when you play on a game?


Only you would know that it’s smart to limit upload speed (:




10 MBPS upload and download speed for me.

Is it bad or no?


School wifi…


This is my android connection where the upload is much lower than the console.
On my consoles the upload is 100-150 average with the internet speed
This is on my android sooooo upload is lower


Everyone’s upload speed is slow… why tho?


i was kidding. my internet speed is lit.


Good but i get ping spikes


Yes it is
It’s only around 50 mbps lower than mine and I can run all 3 of my consoles and my PC with maybe only a small bump in ping.
So you should be good with 2-3 devices.