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IS lifeboat changing?


Lifeboat is definitely changing since 2019. The server is changing. I heard there were good updates coming and devs must be working hard and @hazard shows a little bit, so I heard there are like instant telelport to games rather than loading up game and honestly it’s this feature is better than most servers so keep up the good work!.

Here is what I noticed.
:large_blue_diamond:Most ideas have improved lifeboat just as I imagined.
:large_blue_diamond:take back whatever I said.

However, I think lbsg will have alot of players coming soon maybe. :slight_smile:
We got like I beleive new features for mc and many people will enjoy or have fun with this server rather than transferign to a loading screen! :slight_smile:

  • Yes more players will come and lifeboat will keep getting better.
  • No, never ever players will come and keep lifeboat better.

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Is lifeboat really changing?

  • Suggestions and updates are.
  • Nope its not.

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This poll is quite biased, if you take a look at the options that are more optimistic towards lifeboat, the majority of the people that voted on them are the lifeboat volunteers. Take a minute and hear from the community.


yea like me


the potato against the swarm me




its better to take this poll in game and ask every player.


That would be hard but cool, @Builder_BlackWolf


they’re forced to remember.
I wish volunteers could be way less biased, they need to voice their own opinions


So… The last update wasn’t an improvement? :thinking:

Feel free to post your own suggestion post if you have something to say to those who answered “no” for either poll. We’d like to here what you have to say and what we could improve on. :))


he’s not saying that. he’s saying this poll is a little too biased sinced the volunteers are only choosing the positive options without any thought


Our forums are made up of a lot of volunteers surprisingly… If they have anything to say, we usually have them message a lead about it. From what I’ve seen, most of our volunteers seemed really happy about the update. @GottenDesert0

If there are any unhappy volunteers out there, feel free to message a lead to express your opinions!!


ofc they can’t say it publicly

Our point is volunteers are making polls like this a little biased since they only choose the positive options.


We don’t force our volunteers to always press the positive option. If they are unhappy about a situation, they can choose the no option if they’d like. The reason as to why we have them privately DM us is because it’s much more efficient and effective for them to convey their thoughts to the admins rather than make a post about it. They have Slack as a resource and they should use it if they’d like to say something about improving the server! If you’d like to talk about this more, feel free to DM me! :slight_smile:


It wasn’t since it didn’t fix the things that would bring people back and it removed something(texture packs) that they now can’t use


That’s completely irrelevant to what I just said.

Of course they are going to be happy about the update, they’re VOLUNTEERS, they represent lifeboat, even if they truly hated the update, not one of them will even dare to say it out loud. They know they need to keep their lips sealed, they don’t know what happens behind the scenes, and they, as stated before, represent you.


Well, since they are volunteers what is there to expect? They represent Lifeboat and have chosen to work with them. From what I have seen the last time somebody voiced their own opinion it didn’t end well.


Moved this conversation to DM. If anyone else would like to DM me about this, feel free to! :slight_smile:


Well I got on lifeboat and I got incredible lag again. This time my chat takes 5 minutes till my messages and other users come up. Mobs were like crazy. Incredible lag back, my connection was okay but it was like 1- since how bad lag it is, lazy so much mobs in zombie apocalypse??? Uhm why did zombie apocalypse changed?

Welp there goes lifeboat again lol


I think we might be having some lag issues at the minute, but I’ve just went on and it’s actually not too bad for me (and that’s saying something, since I’m playing from Central Europe with hotel wifi). Also you use a third-party app so that might be affecting gameplay as well.


Actually anything we’ve heard from volunteers so far has been positive…I’m not sure what you’d expect, why would anyone dislike an improvement

Plenty of volunteers suggest improvements, however most of them are related to mod commands or internal productivity. As for community suggestions, if you haven’t noticed the suggestions we’ve been listening to recently, you must have been offline for a while.