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Hey. My name is catloath and I have just joined the forums as you can see. You can either call me, well, catloath or just Katey - whichever you prefer. I come from a beautiful island known as the United Kingdom which is located on planet Earth, though some people believe we live on Mars. While this account is new both in-game and on the forums I have been playing Lifeboat for approximately three years now, which is not bad if I must say myself.

Fun facts about myself:

  1. I’ve spelt my name as ‘catloath’ rather than ‘catloaf’ on purpose (it was actually just already taken as an xbox username).
  2. I like bread and cats. Kind of explains my name, aye?
  3. I am super friendly in general however, I can get cranky at times. Please do not say anything offensive to me or else you may witness my claws - heh.
  4. I like to think I am funny but I know I just suck at making people laugh. I will improve, though!
  5. I swear a lot in person. Yup. That’s pretty much… correct.

Anyways, I am glad that is over. I look forward to communicating more with this community and perhaps even one day these forums may grow more.


Oo! Welcome aboard Catloath! Nice to have you nice!


I love cats and bread as well! So awesome name! If you need any help or have any questions feel free to dm me anytime. :blush:







Welcome to the forums!


Welcome to the forums!


@xCattyy x @Baguette = Catloath
Purritos will now be exterminated
@zombieslayer124 now has a new cat

Welcome to the forums.


its official

catloath is catty’s and zombie’s daughter



Also, nice Apex PfP


So, you basically like to eat cats in a loaf? @xCattyy, you’re witnessing cannibalism.


ayyyyyeeee wasuup im the coolest guy here… just stay away from a dude called masterbropro ok??


Welcome to the furoms (forums)! I have a feline that you’re going to have a clawsome time here.

We folks are very suppawtive and will provide any infurmation you ask of us :]

my puns are amazing don’t deny it


Totally opposite, not gonna deny it.


Welcome! How’s the situation with Brexit going?


Welcome to the Lifeboat Forums! :wave:


No idea, don’t pay much attention to these things.


I’m sorry, what?


welcome to lifeboat forums

the shipping and roleplay website

have an amazing time here


Welcome to the Lifeboat Forum. :slightly_smiling_face: