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Introducing myself


Im introducing myself again because why not? Anyways

I am mittu47, also you may know me because i introduced 1 year passed XD so my ign in minecraft is
mittu47 and usually i use Mobizen or DU recorder to record hackers,

My favorite fruit is water melon. I also have discord rank in-game. You could DM me here on lbsg if you have questions also ill try not to get flagged many times or being bit mean, sp i suggest you players not tl be mean either, anyways i cant think of anything else.

Also i used to play roblox but i quit forever and deleted, if you wanna know what it looks like, google mittu47 roblox or here is the link ----) https://www.roblox.com/users/294596685/profile

Also ill try not to break rules because i sometime break it sometimes, also i use to quit roblox due to these reasons:

Roblox use to be fun but it was extremely laggy for me and there were many people dating, hackers, swearing, like players continued exploiting such as no cloths and etc. My parents told me to quit ever since roblox isnt a place for me anymore, now i play minecraft and i do still see rule breakers but not alot but then i download a app to cross play mcpe servers and i played lifeboat and i had so much fun, i played zombie apocalypse, bounty hunters, sm, and idk, it was old lifeboat where there were guests, soon i also stopped playing ever since xbox live came, i still was in roblox, later when in 5th grade, i had to quit roblox, also back then befire xbox live wasn’t a thing, my username jsed tl be “pro reader” so ecer since mittu47 account was created, i started playing lbsg, i noticed changed has been made, also i never knew forums were a thing but ever since i knew, i got banned on brokenlenz for hacking because i was glitch exploiting and i went to ban apeals, i signed up and realised forums is a place where they report players with video or screenshot. This is how few servers such as lbsg, cubecraft, mineplex forums account were made, this is how i got here, i can now report hackers and etc.

Also i forgot to mension few things but i inteoduced myself a little bit, also i loved school when i was like in kindergarten and to 5th grade, but today, i hate school and i like school? Like what? So as of today, i kinda like school since i dont like homework.

I rate lbsg forums ☆☆☆☆☆ 5/half out of 5 stars. This forums is my favorite, i mostly active on forums.

I even have a discord server! Im not sure if im allowed to send links here,

If yes here is a invite link https://discord.gg/kwAjdPK also Its optional to join. also my discord server is friendly just like like lbsg forums does :smiley:

I read all the terms and conditions :smiley:


Yay im glad no one cares about this topic





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Hello hacker mittu