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Introducing my new profile skin


It was even better than before this time I updated it and I use my buddy to help he was holding tnt and I was holding sword

It may look werid but I zoomed it that’s why.


This was my old skin and I’m showing in clips


No one cares and I guess lifeboat never cares about introducing topic anymore



10 years late after screaming…

Yoiee moo cows that I pretend moo
5 more years after saying moo…


100 hours later…


100000000 years later…


Keeps going.


Cool, I’ll change mine to a bloo spider soon.




Is that galactic?


? What what?


Wasn’t your profile picture always like that?


That skin looks much like Galactic_Storm’s skin, who is a Lifeboat staff.


No last time it was a just a blue creeper with holding a diamond sword so now

It is now a rainbow creeeper holding tnt and me holding a enchated diamond sword.
averageryhme helped me.