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In-Game message Contributions!


Kaleb is not a kebab!



Laid a Kebab- anirudh123456


"When you win at a game of survival games, dab!" – Kibbles


Ping Kaleb!


"3 - 2 - 1 Ship Fishy and James" – JamesJLBSG


Don’t give ANYONE your password even your friends!


"Join and be apart of lifeboat’s discord server, you can even get a Cool, Free [Discord] Tag" – Lifeboat Staff


“Awesome LegZ is cool”

-Awesome LegZ


“Don’t get distracted by this message! - Angular”


‘ no u yes u no u yes u yes all u’ -Ketchup!ustardDinner


School is first priority!



Gain up them focus points. AKA There’s someone behind you./!/…


I put the backslash so you can pick which parenthesis fits


Lifeboat is zebra tested and approved!



“Our beta-testers make the games bug-free!”


“Behind you!”


Do you know da way?Unknown


Ever wonder how they fit all those maps in one small boat? -TheFancierZebra


“SKOL Vikings!”-anirudh123456


Kibbles, that’s a January meme. It’s dead.

I’ll let you of the hook for now but if you dare say another dead meme i will be forced to take action.