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In-Game message Contributions!


“Remember the best way to catch a report of a broken rule is to snip or record the evidence by screen capture or snip them.”-DrakeoVR (my 2nd choice for submission messages for the in-game message relay)



“no u”
-Everyone who likes dead memes


“Do not be afraid to start from the beginning”


“This is getting old.”
-Awesome LegZ


“Did you know that Life Boat has a forums page? Well check it out at: forums.lbsg.net!” -Staff Team


Vote Kaleb as President (or don’t)


Vote spiders as president



w0t xd


“Want to make an in-game message contribution like this to Lifeboat? Check out the forums!”-Anirudh123456


‘ any red stone block is ketchup and any gold block is mustard’-TundraDemiBat


The mod team is full with friends. We even have a spider. (Don’t apply if you’re arachnophobic.)-Anirudh123456


Join the Dark Side, we have free pizza


The next time you see a bug, make it play Lifeboat, that way it’ll rage and run into a wall -GottenDesert0


I wanna play with someone - playtime
Jump rope ten times in a row. Once you do i will let you go - playtime


It would be good if the in-game message named ‘Use /newsletter to subscribe to our newsletter’ is removed as it does not work


“There will come a day someone goes overboard. When that day comes we will all be glad we have Lifeboat.”


Lifeboat: The One huge ship; For ships an by ships including all the ships of the world.-DrakeoVR


“Stars can’t shine without darkness”


“no u”