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In-Game message Contributions!


“Why not share a good book or a favorite movie to a fellow player?”-anirudh123456


“Really long posts on In-Game message contributions really helps your chances! Just kidding, I just wanted to make a really super duper loooooooong post here.”
-Awesome LegZ


“I believe that anyone can be what they want to be; it just comes down to hard work.” -AcTiveSepain


Do your chores…go clean up your chests.


“I have a dream that one day my parents will understand that online games cannot be paused.” - Martin Luther King Jr.


“Not all that wonder are lost” -RespectfulGeese


Never ask an amputee to lend a hand. He might give you one


“Time to sail to another adventure!” - TheEvilPoise


“We have plenty of Fish. Come in!”


Buy vip -bigpappi


“Don’t be a pain! It ain’t gonna help the network at all!” -smartypig38


I’m Batman


How does the whole network fit inside that one tiny boat?


“ Ever wanted to test you PVP skills? Try out with Sandy the Brawler! The Champion!”-anirudh123456


Wanna be my friend? I got candy, dear



“You’ll float too”- anirudh123456


Rule #1: Never ping the staff


“Never insult the Chair Of Lifeboat. Or ping him.”-anirudh123456


I like mozzarella and spiders - Awesome LegZ, king of spiders


"Strength doesn’t come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you thought you couldn’t"Someone