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“Buy Lifeboat Life insurance”


Does the boat float?

-vernal broom596


“Lifeboat has many types of games, including Capture the flag, Survival games, Battle Royale, Creative mode, give them a go, any which floats your boat!”-smartypig38


“I wonder what typing forums.lbsg,net into my browser does.”



“Be sure to review our Terms and Conditions, happy lifeboating!” -Pineapples12302


“Llamas” -SparklesB


What’s the difference between a piano and a fish? You can tuna piano


Make sure to go outside so people don’t think you’re dead


“Make friends outside! Not just on LifeBoat”-anirudh123456


“The game of life is a lot like lifeboat. You must fight your problems, block your fears, and score points whenever the opportunity is open.”



‘Visit the Official Lifeboat Forums and give us suggestions and feedback!’ -Sath

‘Get on the monthly leaderboards and if you are in the top 25, show off your [pro] rank.’- Sath


“Heads on deck!”


“Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you a truck to pull it. And a boat.” -Buy me a boat (song), -RespectfulGeese


“You are entitled to an opinion even if it is wrong”


“You died? Blame it on Kaleb.”

Blame it on kaleb

“Do you know who Hydreon is?”

  • AcidVortex04


  • "Follow us on Instagram @lifeboatnetwork"

  • "Join our lifeboat forums @forums.lbsg.net"

  • "Make lifeboat great again, join the movement today"


“Have you ever wanted to be on a boat that flies? Wait… we are” LeoXUzz


“OwO/) Sending magic your way!”
“Wait… How did I get here?”
“The ocean is my friend and foe.”
“When did a smooth sea ever make a skilled sailor?”
“I heard that Kim destroyed a whole army with one arrow.”


the w in lifeboat stands for water