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In-Game message Contributions!


Hey there lifeboaters! We’re trying to add some new content to our in-game message system and we’d like you to help! What we’re looking for are short fun messages that can be almost anything! Post your ideas below and we’ll select our favorites to add into the rotation with your name attached! Please also write the name you would like us to give credit to!
Rules for Submission:
-Must be appropriate
-Must not be political
-Must not encourage breaking of rules
-Must be relatively short.


Blame it on kaleb

“Have you ever wondered what the “Lifeboat Store” button does?”



“We like pizza, in the morning. We like pizza, everyday! We like pizza, in the evening. We like pizza, anyway!”



“The Lifeboat has saved thousands of lives!”
“Do fish need lifeboats?”
“Kim has the highest KDR!”


“Legend has it that visiting the LifeBoat store and buying the V.I.P rank will give you in game abilities, why not have a look.”


“Did you know you can spread optimism on our servers by simply smiling? Remember to smile, you are the face of Lifeboat” -smartypig38


“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing” -AcTiveSepain


“We are all living. This is why it’s a lifeboat.”


Is your homework finished?-anirudh123456


“Join the Lifeboat forums for an extra dose of dank memes”- Sky


“If you earn 2000 subscribers, you will earn an amazing YouTube Rank!”-anirudh123456


“Consider making a purchase for Lifeboat and you won’t regret your money!”-anirudh123456


“Caught proof of a hacker? Report at forums.lbsg.net.”-anirudh123456


“Lifeboat servers have been running since 2013! Over 5 years ago!”-anirudh123456


“Have a unique game idea? Suggest at forums.lbsg.net.”-anirudh123456


Check out the Lifeboat Youtube Channel for fun streams!


“What can you do with VIP? Well you can do just about anything!”



“What is VIP + More stuff?
Well Shou rank of course! (sarcasm)
Actually UberVIP.”
-Awesome LegZ


“Welcome aboard mateys.” - tubbyman5


“Have you ever wondered why lifeboat is successful? Its because of YOU” -TEnderM