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Improvements for windy isles?


I have been playing on lifeboat for a while but never have I really played much on Windy isles, because every time I would get in the game I will get spawned killed instantly, so I would like to make some suggestions to improve Windy isles.

My first suggestion is so maybe have some kind of Spawn protection area because currently if you go on the servers most of the pre-made buildings are destroyed beyond belief are also maybe do a server reset every few months instead of having a spawn protection area or maybe even have both?

What do you think we can add to make windy isles better and approve the server to get more people coming on and playing?


@CStadther I feel this is a good suggestion, and that you should take a look. Spawn protection is a good idea but it’s also a good idea for map resets (like SM).


Idea… remove it…


I like the idea of having some of the spawn area protected, it’s a really nice map and awesome builds but then players completely demolish them… I’ve played Windy Isles a decent amount, as I like it more than sm. When you spawn in you are invincible for a few seconds and you can’t kill other players during that time, so I’m not sure how you got spawn killed unless that timer run out.

I like that on Windy Isles the map usually resets everyday but you keep your inventory, unlike on sm. Also your inventory carry’s over between all of the Windy Isles servers. Also there is little to no lag from what I have seen.