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Im being called 'racist


@smartypig38 just explain what reslly happened, why you said it, and what you actually meant. Lol.




I was just reading my book, a Shakespearean book and discovered a racial innuendo in it about Ethiopes, then I said it out loud and my sister thought I was being racist and told everyone… also something about arabs in the book.
But UPDATE: I’m no longer fully grounded, I just cant have kfc and most things are resolved.


What do you mean fully?
You shouldn’t be grounded at all…


Dont worry bro. I had the same thing in year 3 but i didnt know what it was or what it meant. I only got in a little bit of trouble. (Could of been on detention). Domt worry people will forget about it in a week or so.


Depends actually on how serious they take it…


suspended… :grin:


Lol. Exactly.