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Im being called 'racist


I have been grounded for real, just because my sister labelled me as racist and hate speech for critisicing culture of all kinds.
Now im stuck and I cant even hide, i’ll be reported to my school mentor…
Im crying a little bit, and if I tried to stand up a bit i’d be called racust by mum


My mum said she never wants to see my face for a while
I want to kill myself


Help me.



What can I do ?




Write a letter to your mom about how you regret saying what you said and why you won’t say such things again.


Or you can release your anger and emotion in a hateful letter and then throw it away after you finished


Forget throw away… burn it. Write ever bad thing that happens and burn it in fire place.


What did you say anyways and why did you say it?


Another victim of the radical left?


Say sorry to ur mom qnd what ever were u doing like a paper with bad stuff, id angrily rip it and thrkw it in trash or burn it.


How to Get Out of Your Sticky Situation
Retire and move to Spain to live a happy, cheap life. I heard their housing costs are very inexpensive, surely you’ll live perfectly fine. Once you’ve happily made your way out of the UK to Spain write a sincere letter to your mother that contains an apology, explaining your current situation and how you have decided to follow your destiny. From the looks of your age you should be able to live in Spain as a retired immigrant for approximately: 0.5 months, but don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll manage to start working again as you will have a great CV, just remember to lie about your education and work experience.

By following these steps you should have now decided to book the latest flight from España to Inglattera as you’ve realised, it hadn’t quite worked out to plan. Now you can continue to do your GCSEs, and hopefully achieve that ‘1’ in Mathematics Foundation as you’ve missed months worth of learning/revision.

By now you should have gotten your GCSEs, now you can move onto A-Levels, study Español and move back to Spain to continue your non-existent life there again.

Remember, this is not a joke - this is our future.

Please do not try this at home, those who have tested this guide are trained professionals. No children, or teenagers were harmed in the making of this, including the elderly and aliens.


@SparklesB That sounds like too much work. TBH too much could go wrong lol


Agreed. Lol.


Especially since stupidity took over the world.




I can guarantee that the overall outcome is worth it, as somebody who has followed this guide I can tell you it’s foolproof!


replace the n with a w



Instructions unclear, I got kidnapped by the Spanish mafia


That’s how mafia works.