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I'm angry again with u lifeboat builders


Remove sm now i just died and had 3 iron and it took hours to find it and u made me angry, a stupid lava was falling and i could have survived if the the stupid lava kept spreading like when ever i delete the sourced blocks, it just stays there, remove this crap feature cause water on sm just spreads and if water meets a under ground base, welp its ruined. Removs this feature so water can dry up and lava dry up rarher than standing there ready for me to be raged.


Lava Spread isn’t caused by builders, rather the game itself. We are looking to resolve the problem with water and lava spread in the coming weeks.


@Twig This thing was like over a year now. Its no getting fixed.


Yes it is being worked on and a fix should be implemented soon.


I just died because my stupid game deleted blocks when i placed and deleted and i died


Don’t play the blaming game, it’s not a fun game to play. Like the betas said above it’s an issue being looked into and being fixed.


This isn’t actually a feature. It’s a bug that is currently being investigated. I’m a builder, and we do not work in the bug fixing department. The developers are hard at work trying to fix this.


Yea, sorry anyways, i did use to quit lifeboat since i hated it but since i have forums now, i came back, i won’t quit the game unless im banned forever.


As much as you’re angry about the Lifeboat builders.
We’re angry at you.
And for your info.
It’s the developers and staffs who deleted SM.
Not builders, genius.


SM was never deleted @Sparkz
Only Smpro


They wont and they wont care


Developers and volunteers care about every users experience on Lifeboat. That’s why we have volunteers and developers. We can’t satisfy all, but we do try our best to make it a good experience.


Well i dont know why a sm bug was still there for years


As I said before, the solution for the issue will be soon out (In a week or so)


Ok this topic needs lock

This issue loses my marbles. im now convinced