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Ideas for items for maps


Each new map has its own items that you spawn with and in the flag room chests, and they’re pretty good. However, all old maps have the same items as before the update. Here are some ideas. for the sake of nothing i’ll be going in map rotation order.

Original - Iron sword, bow with 32 arrows, 16 bread, all chain armor, iron pickaxe, iron shovel, and a diamond axe for spawn items. And normal diamond chestplates and arrows for flag room items. OG’s know why I made these selections

Station Zebra - Same items as winter awakening. The items for that map fit perfectly for Station Zebra, as they’re both winter/snow maps.

Davy Jones - 64 Blocks of red clay or sandstone, iron sword, all leather armor, shears bc there’s lots of leaves, and a normal bow with 64 arrows for spawn items. And enchanted iron chestplate, arrows, and maybe a horse (no one can spawn more than one and it despawns when you die) in wool rooms. Gives you that western vibe for the items, and i dont even have an exact reason for horses.

Zeus Redux - Deletion

Thomas Outpost - Stone sword, all chainmail armor, bow with some arrows, iron pickaxe and axe for spawn items. And enchanted iron chestplates and gapples for wool rooms. The whole map is gray and simple so why not simple items.

All maps should have gapples as spawn items and stuff
i have no conclusion


I agree with all of this, except for one thing, which got me obfuscated; why do you want Zeus Redux gone?


Just give full enchanted diamond gear, unlimited enchanted golden apples, inventory filled with potions and 2 stacks of arrows with power V unbreakable bow. That would be fun and nobody would complain. (:


The old maps are up to higher standards now,and Zeus Redux doesn’t fit those standards. Way too big, very hard to defend, and is overall trash compared to others


That map was fun.


nah this topic aint dying out just yet


How it dying when it’s already ded