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I think I'm uselss in this forums


I feel uselss like I sometimes not know rules like I sometime reply to topics that are
Not my own and plus I keep on doing mistakes and getting worried not to be banned because I wanna try help people but I can’t because I’m bad at replying whag do I do?


You could always send the person who posted the topic a direct message. I do that sometimes.


Oh? Because I got message for replying to support topics that aren’t my own pls explain more about it pls?


In simple words, keep off the support category unless you have made a topic there and you are only allowed to reply on support topics which you created.


Oh can I comment on topics or I have to say “I need to say something off topic”?


Yea baby


Goodnight :slight_smile:


Bye lol


You can’t reply to the topic, but if you want to ask the person who posted it a question or tell them something you can just go to their profile and send them a direct message.


You can reply to most topics, just not ones in #Support or Reports (a part of the Support category). The ones in #Support will say that they are in #Support, so you should be able to know which topics you shouldn’t reply to. #Support topics look like this:


I didn’t know you could be insignificant here…




Alrighty little brat… I don’t believe in such negative words…
There is no such thing as a person being better than another either…
Only being the best person you can be.
You worry so much about those things and they’ll slowly get you into trouble…
You’ll just end up dead faster than you would think. And I don’t mean physically…
You want changes you’re gonna have to start changing yourself first before you go up a few levels…
Not everyone is gonna remember the rules. But we just focus on the main ones.(Some of us)


Bla bla bla, I wish permission to reply in Support came back.
Forum mods…


what a mood


Yes reply on support anytime you want! I love seeing the suffering of forum moderators spanking naughty repliers.


xD jncjnfvmmf (5 char)


Did they make that rule to prevent fighting or something?


Ok thank you!


Ok :slight_smile: