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I played lifeboat for maybe 1 year but ,,,


When we win games why do we get points and I realized they do nothing pls tell me and can there be rewards when we win besides points can we have rewards like example, coins, and a coin shop where you can purchase items or whatever and to know where are the coins it will be on your experience bar.


Or maybe… a kind of special rank for winning 1 milion ranking points.


`There used to be a coin shop years ago. It was then removed. A few months back, a staff said they were working on this, but it’s been a while…


Here’s is this.


I like this idea, like for every 100 ranking points, you could buy a coin, and after a certain amount of coins, you could buy particles, pets, ranks, passes to smpro or prisons, and maybe even kits!


Dream on.


Particles and pets is good. Ranks and passes is TOO much.


Well, ranks and passes could be for high prices, and they only last for 30 days,


That’s a lot, you know? As far as I know, only one person has actually gotten more than that…


That makes it harder to earn. That gives you a sense of achievement to know that you are one of the few that got that many, and you have a rank to prove it.


Yeah, but if ranks were to become a thing based on total points, maybe there could be different ones, such as one at 500k or something as well. It would still require quite a bit of time and effort, but it wouldn’t be nearly as insane as getting one million.


Well, yes, 500K would be good too. It should take a lot of work and effort though. I like it because it could be a pro rank, except you don’t lose it once you fall under the monthly leaderboard.


I also think that crates could be added. You could buy crates to get random titles, pets, and particles.


Who’s that person?


And, a million ranking points, would be the max rank, but I agree that there should be more ranks at 500k, 100k and 725k.




Oh ok…


o-o Wut? How can you get that amount of ranking points?


They have played…a lot