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I have something to show y'all



Describe this image.

What do you see?

What does it mean?

Does it remind you of something?

Does it affect your whole being when you see this picture?

Does the existence of the ‘13’ ‘1’ and ‘33’ servers come back to life?

Will the peak of human evolution reach it’s highest point when you see this image of a humanoid cat that has a relationship with a male who is attached to the culture of Japan who bullies a lizzard that is a type of snowy weather who has a relationship with a sea creature, specifically a murderous cod, that will do history and will not be forgotten until the existence of humanity vanishes and aliens who spend their time with their phones will visit earth and learn the things that we humans have done?

Will Ziq and Serenity finally be together after seeing this picture?


Imma go this as a yes




Dude, this is about describing the picture above chill


Ohhh. Lol. Ok.


Why? Do you object because you have a secret affair?


What are you saying?..


He a creep. Don’t mind him.




What I said :joy::joy::joy:


:joy: :rofl:


SerenityTheMan. :joy:


DiD yOu JuSt AsSuMeD sOmeOnEs GeNdEr?!


Nope. Let me explain to you in DM.


Ooh, someone’s getting a suspension for their boat


Let the forum director speak.


Serenity suspend RO for denying her feelings. Lol. :joy:




:joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:


@xCattyy can describe this.