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I agree


Continuing the discussion from Minecraft died in 2019 now:


Why did you make a new topic for this


It glitched and i couldn’t reply


This seems a bit spammy though, you could have just liked the post to show that u agreed.

Just a quick warning, a mod will probably lock this and reply with:

“Spam is not tolerated on this forums. Please refrain from posting uneccesary and spammy topics.”


Well he got to explain why he did it so they should understand…


Yep thanks for linking into my topic, minecraft died today in 2019


We now have trash minecraft system


I still find it fun…


Same here, it’s not perfect but it certainly isn’t a garbage game




Well minecraft officially died eved since notch left, microsoft ruined it. We aren’t getting village and pillage update and you need a stupid xbox live membership to play multiplayer.


I think you should specify that you’re talking about the Xbox 360 version


No mine is xbox one @ohrangee567