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How to write a hacker report


Username of hacker:




Name: HackerExample

Date: August 15

Server: SG13

<video link>
Photos only work for fly
Q:Why do we need the name?
A:So mods can track down the hackers
Q:Why should we give the date?
A:So the mods can hopefully determine if the hacker might’ve changed servers
Q:Why do we need the server?
A:So mods can be coordinated to the right place
Q:How do I tell what server I’m in?
A:Type /server in the chat
Got more questions? Post down below!
Here you go @Sparkz



For fly hacking, we absolutely prefer video and often we can’t take major action beyond an account flag (and that’s if it’s blatant enough that we have reasonable belief that the player is hacking) with just a screenshot.


He said hacker report not support topic, or did you not see that lenix?


That is so spamming. Flagged


I find this helpful!!!


Yesh, its freaking the same


No, its not.


It does use the same form when first creating the topic, but the main difference is for reports we always require at least some sort of evidence (the specific requirement depends on the offence being reported) and for Support we may not always need evidence. Personally I’d like to see a clearer reminder to include evidence in reports, but I’m not in charge of that sort of stuff.