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How to translate Lifeboat into your language!


Hello, future translator!

This topic will explain how you can help us translating Lifeboat into your language.
If you have any questions about how to become a translator or about our translation system in general, feel free to shoot us an e-mail via translations@lbsg.net or you can just direct-message me here on forums.

Joining Crowdin

The first step is to join Crowdin! We have 2 Crowdin projects. One project with game-files (Game types, in-game announcements etc.) and the other project with non-game files (Website). You might have to create a Crowdin account before you can start translating. However, Crowdin is completely free for you!

The work

If your language is already translated & proofreaded, you can just go over everything and make suggestions for better sentences if needed. If your language is already translated but not proofreaded yet, this means we would like you to vote on translation suggestions.

If your language is not fully translated yet, you can make a suggestion on a source string.

Becoming an official volunteer

We truly appreciate your help! If we notice that you seem to be really interested in translating Lifeboat and you already contributed a lot, we will ask you if you want to become a crew member. If you accept, we will invite you to our Slack team where we communicate. Your tasks will remain the same, but you would be an official volunteer for Lifeboat. You can see a list of our current volunteer translators here.


We also sometimes give away in-game products to translators who contributed a lot. Please be aware of the fact that we will check your translations. Machine-translating won’t do!

Useful links

Crowdin Tutorial
Crowdin game-files project
Crowdin non-game-files project



How to translate Lifeboat: FAQ

What is Crowdin? How do I use Crowdin?

Crowdin is an online website we use for our translations. You can check this link to get a whole tutorial on how to use Crowdin.

Is Crowdin free or do I have to pay to create an account?

No worries! Creating a Crowdin account is completely free for you.

My language isn’t listed on Crowdin!

Please send us a mail via translations@lbsg.net and we will consider adding it!

Can I just use a machine-translator?

Please don’t use machine-translators (Google Translator, Microsoft Translator etc.). You have to be completely fluent in your language to become a translator.

I’ve already translated a lot, but I wasn’t invited as an official volunteer yet!

We also check for the quality of your contributions. If we see that you contributed a lot, but made a lot of spelling mistakes or similiar things, that might have lowered your chance.

My translations were suddenly removed but I don’t know why!

We review your contributions, and if it seems like that you’re using a machine-translator, we’re removing them. We usually send you a Crowdin direct-message if we decide to do so though.

I have a question that wasn’t answered here!

Please contact us via translations@lbsg.net. We will get back to you shortly. :slight_smile:


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