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How to annoy xCattyy and others


Blizzard cheating on Fishy?


IM feeling cyberbullied rn


no one knows how to annoy me, and I’ll make sure no one ever knows


We already know how. Simply call you a stick


I always call her a stick. Lol.


Not quite there, but you are going in the right direction :woman_shrugging:


Sush, stick


I call her tree branch mostly…


Sush, stick?


Everyone calls @xCattyy a hacker. Even a bot did and I have proof. Lol.


I am not currently a hacker.


1 day I’ll annoy @BliZZard.


Sureeeee Pinocchio. Lie all you want. :joy:

Let’s all find @morrisgamekidwalker’s weakness!
We might get Halloween candy early!


I’m not lying. Then again, considering my lovely luck, I should just expect to not be believed by anyone whether I am or not.


You lied about xJames now this?
@Penguin, give xCatty the badge of shame. :joy:


I haven’t had my coffee today, so deal with it


profile pic of shame*


You are a haxor for all mobile kind


Speak for yourself captain.


I’m not lying, but I can only try to convince you.