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How do I find invisible skins


So somone said tuey could see thejr shawdows, do they hace a texture pack or fancy graphics? If u have fancy graphic, will it help you? And is it possible to kill invisible skins because i saw a dude with invisible skin and when i was coming to attack it, it was like almost impossible to kill it, how do i beat invisible skins?


If it’s a skin. They would be killable. You would also see their name tags. Lol…


You’ve got a lot to learn young jedi… creature… thing…


No, when they sneak or shift u can really see it @MasterBroPro1


I don’t get what you’re talking about.
Go to sleep. Lol.


I just woke up to get ready for school u extreme hacker!!!


Go back to sleep. Lol.


i often wonder what complexities go on inside mittu’s head


He asking too many questions about hacks!!


hmm ok… Invis skins r banned to because the game doesnt allow and most PocketMine-MP servers have skin protection…