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Hi, I'll introduce myself


Ok i didn’t actually do this, idk if people even do this but here we go!

Hi I’m yahirplaysMC123 and i…well…play minecraft, im told that im a good pvp player for a console player, but idk if that’s really true or not, since i fail and choke constantly in quick time reactions. I enjoy making command block stuff, maps, and even just regular worlds, but I also enjoy debating and generally talking about things that are interesting (hypotheticals are something I enjoy aswell.) I’ve been playing minecraft since about 2011, and oh boy did I enjoy it, and i still enjoy it to this day. So I hope we can all enjoy ppl aying games and building together in this blocky, mildly cringy, but fun world. :slight_smile:



Welcome to the forums! Before you have any fun, please take a deep look at this :smiley:




Welcome to the forums @YahirplaysMC123 .
I also love to build. It’s great that we have common interests.
Nice to meet you.


Hey there! Welcome to the forums!


Hey Rabbitcharms, as a wise person once said. No one even bothers to read the terms and conditions, in fact I am not even sure if they should bother making terms and conditions in general, and most people already read the long boring terms and conditions. As the wise person once said.


Eh, I’m fine. Ive already got two clicks.


Welcome to the forums!


Enjoy your stay on the forums!


You too. Even though you volunteer, to be on the safe side, take a good look at this.


Welcome to the forums! You will fit in juuust nicely here >:)


Salutations. Welcome to the forums.


Welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy your stay here :slightly_smiling_face:




Hey there! I’m hawlucha.


@BoGamingOne ,
Please do not bump topics over one month in or…, even though you are a volunteer.




To avoid breaking more rules, please take a look at this :slight_smile:


Wow, you guys take a really small offense as a major one and yet when someone does a serious thing, nobody gives a crap.