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Hi I am a older player name funtimefreddy LXreddy60


Move this to DMs please.


Well this is not my topic


You just preceeded to do what @SparklesB was trying to get you to stop doing…


No i answer the qestion that yall were asking


Your saying ben is me when really i dont have pc


You see if i did had pc i bet all the hacker report would been fals


What she meant was to try to limit the amount of replies you use

These 3 replies could have been combined into one to reduce spam

Same with these 3


Well one if i split it up i would been spamming but if i put it all in one is not spamming how ever it keep saying wait until someone else reply


You are treating this as the average conversation you would have on a whatsapp group, rather than a forum post. Please don’t send multiple replies that serve no purpose and only make things worse. It’s spammy, and it’s annoying.


Well i know what your saying but it would not let me reply after reply so i put it all in one


But you’re not putting it all in one, you making multiple replies


At least problemo solved


@Serenity Lock this topic.


Im not the onwer only ben can ask for topic lock because he created it


How ever hes on mcpe survival mode playing on pc


It is deemed appropriate for a lock, I was simply suggesting her to lock this topic.


Are you a moderator ?


This is not your topic


Were all off topic tho


I never said I was. Notice the word suggest. I have a right to express myself.