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Hi I am a older player name funtimefreddy LXreddy60


That kinda sad yall think guy is me


Funtime ignroe these miss behave guys


Your liar mittu is not azib i know azib i can prove it he talks on instagram while mittu post picture of him on mcpe



Hay drama guy foces on the target


I never seen someone get high over she
But their proof so mittu dont worry


Welcome back, Funtime!


Sm22 back online why they put sm22 offline


this thread is funny :laughing:


Morris confirmed. This is on Morris’s YouTube. Check the end where they type in the chat. https://youtu.be/E2TNiYcj33M




Good detective work :+1:


I would call it having too much time on you’re hand



Someone on discord lend me a account to use
And so i did and then i decied to use the account perm
And then to download a video which show alot of my enemys dying which the onwer
Deleted the video but this was a xbox account not lifeboat account or mcpe i needed to texts and spam


Hay i just notice something when i got locked out i borrow someone account


And i also download a video from soneone channel that the video i download and rename it

this might be off topic but is true i did not follow the copyright rules so
And if that not enough proof of this being normal check this out this account was not made by me ![Screenshot_20190219-054400|690x431]
(upload://a8YwldXfcq2IE9J7CnYQM2eWj4u.png) this account was
You see now two different accounts all look the same but used by different owners now are we done here i am
Now lets move on with life and say are username or gametag to this new comers and give respect to him
And look


Don’t you just hate it when people don’t know how to add everything they need to say into one reply, so they just create multiple which either make no sense or are filled with the most absolute buffoonery.


Well one it wont let me use reply two this answer their qestions



Now funtimefreddylx right
I dont have pc he dose