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Hi I am a older player name funtimefreddy LXreddy60


Because morris uses hacks in games. She created a new acc so she can apply for mod :joy::joy::joy::joy: maybe next time HACKER


If you look at some of Morris old reports you will see screenshots where FunTimeFreddy is talking in the chat. I agree they are most likely the same person.


Whats with this topic? You guys know that theres alot of android users -_-
Wait is this morris? What the heck??? Im confuzed @CrimsonDream89


Sometimes forum users like to create alternative accounts and pretend to be someone else. Idk why…


Also mystery has confirmed so ill let the mods deal with this cause yea…
Also maybe this user is Morris because she sounds suspicious.


Also Mittu is Azib


@xBriqn Prove it. Plus your 100% wrong and dont get off topic.


Morries think she can apply for mod by making a new clorax bottle.

Broken server rules = mod = nooin

New clorax bottle, start fresh. = no past reports = accepted.


Theres also a chance she could be rejected for being mod, cause ya know sometime people get rejected?


she got rejected probably cuz she has hacking reports


I know its you cause someone sent me a screenshot of something proving that your Azib, @_hacker_mittu47


There’s no rules preventing creation of alt accounts.

Also, please keep on topic, this is an ‘introduce yourself’ topic.

Also avoid false flagging.


Ok couhh cough but she…


Hi morrisgamekidwalker, welcome to the forums.


Freddy goes offline, Morris comes online


Hey Morris

Chat with @discobot tobgo through a tutorial on how to use the forums.


And yes i copy and pasted this


You do know that you could just link the FAQ right? Also, there’s no point in welcoming yourself. Just saying.


What you mean welcoming my self ???


Morris is a man i guess.