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Hi I am a older player name funtimefreddy LXreddy60


I had been playing on sg for over a year long time ago but i stop playing because of the update and so i had been making video and playing on worlds but im hoping to be part of lifeboat


ur morris


Who morris?


Welcome back, Funtime! It’s good to have you back once again. Enjoy your stay, if you ever need help, feel free to Dm me. :smile:


dont play dumb. Everyone knows its u :joy:


This dude literally made a new acc so everyone thinks ur a new clorax bottle. YOU ARE GAMERKIDMORRIS AKA HACKER


I dont know who this morris gamekid guy is


its u



I dont know who is this morris but im not lying i am not morris
You guys have me mix up with the wrong person


I did a google reverse image search and found out that you took that image from the internet






EXPOSED you morriesgamekidwalker lolol


Im sorry but i still dont understand what yall talking about



Yall still confused me with the wrong person


Morrisgamekid got banned by mods. Your new acc is funtimefreddy lol


Still dont ring a bell


Whats this about? Why are you saying its morris?