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Hi guys! Remember me?


So ya… My device broke so I had to get a new one and I was busy with my life but I’m back! I won’t be online that much but I’ll manage time for this too! My old account was called YoutubezRGaming. Hope u guys remember! Bye.


I don’t remember you, but I’ve only been here for a little over a year. Either way, welcome back!


Thanks! I left Lifeboat last year on somewhere around September


You should’ve memorized your lb forum username and password xd
But anyway, welcome back.


I know my user but I forgot my pass hah


no. maybe. yes. definitely no.


I don’t think I know you. Anyways welcome back.


Welcome back?


Why does nobody know me ;-; @YoutubezRGaming
That was my real acc


And somehow my friend got the pass to my acc and changed the address and bio


i remember the nonexistance of you but thats about it


I do remember you.


Do you remember me? :kissing_heart:


Atleast somebody knows me (^o^)


Yeah, I think I recognize you. Remember @Killian2?


Welcome back to the lifeboat forums :lifeboat:

chat with @discobot

trust me its pretty cool