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Hey, I'm MasterMinecart!


Hi There, I am MasterMinecart. I have been playing Lifeboat for 4 years now. Bounty Hunter was one of the first Gamemodes I’ve played. That is where I met most of my friends.
They are @MasterBroPro1, @Killian, @McUniqueKiller3, @HaleyStar123, And more. I would want to make more friends in the future. That is all about me. You can ask me questions if needed.


do you like trains?


Not really.


I like trains (._.)
You’ve been hit by a train




Thanks. Although I have been on the forums for atleast 3 years.


You sir, are an OG Lifeboater


That is Correct


Hey buddy. Lol.


Hi there.


What ya doing now? Lol.


Btw welcome to forums even though you’ve been here since 2016 but was never active…


Nothing much. Just watching a video.


We should probably chat in discord.


Ok then.




Minecart! You came back! You better stay this time :joy:

So many old friends are starting to come back.


Oh ik u
I killed u when u were building in ctf13


Welcome to the Lifeboat Forums! I hope you know me. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey there buddy, oh wait you don’t know me? Well anyways enjoy the fourms and sadly bounty hunter is gone.