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Hey I’m forgotten changed it because the :) changed into an emoji


This is kinda a re-introduction so you don’t have to read this but eh. My names Dio I’ve been on Lb for a while now, about a year I’m in the Discord, my Username is Dio 3381 and I just like Cactus. Titanfall 2 is an underrated game and thanks for reading


Welcome to the forums!


Hi Forgotten, I’m Dad


Hi unoriginal! I’m JOHN CENA






Hi welcome to the forums!


Hey there, welcome to the forums!


Wait didn’t you use to play SmPro? I’m just remembering a lot of friends I had long before


Yes I did! I remember you! I thought I remembered you from smpro but I wasn’t sure, lol! Those were some good times.




Yep, welp Thanos snapped and they’re gone now.


Welcome to the fourms :slight_smile:


Welcome from forums, :creepersolution: