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Hey Guys


Kamusta… I am Builder_BlackWolf, a former minecraft player from the Philippines. I played on LifeBoat server for 3 months but I stopped playing Minecraft a year ago because my phone broke :frowning: . I am not playing minecraft anymore but if it’s ok, I’m still going to log in here and see for updates about lifeboat and minecraft itself, and of course to have friends from lifeboat. Actually, I am doing here because I really miss lifeboat, specially my friends on sg9 and sm3, and I miss minecraft, the first game that I installed on the first phone that I ever had.


Welcome to the forums!


Kamusta rin ginoo! Ako si GTROMERO27. Maligayang pagdating sa Lifeboat Forums. :smile::philippines:

English only pala dito…


kamusta ka rin kababayan






Welcome stranger.



whats up


Welcome to the forums!


Welcome! :owo:


how many pppl are philipinesss?
were are my russians


thanks guys…


Hi! Welcome aboard!


Hi I hope we can be friends!