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Hey everyone!


Introduce yourself to the community! Doesn’t matter how long you’ve been here, we want to get to know you! Please include your ign in the title.
My in-game ign is idriss chaynane
I’m a kid how likes playing Minecraft and free fire.
This is my 2nd year playing Minecraft.
My fav games are Minecraft and free fire.
My fav food is pizza :slight_smile:
My fav thing to do is playing games, watching movies.
My fav pet is pug.


Hey there, welcome to the forums!


Cool to meet u… if u have questions dont ask me i have iq of 3… ask someone like masterbropro1 who knows everything.


coolio, welcome.




Im smartypig.
The pig and bacon in a blanket of the hallowed forms.


Greetings Dear @IdrissChaynane12 **Please check the Terms and conditions they are important and will save your life so tap or click to this following link Happy lifeboating! Have a nice holiday :smiley:

Feel free to copy this link and I don’t know why because I give new noobies or should I say New person? Well I just copy Terms and conditions link since others don’t do or they are just lazy! :slight_smile:


Pugs are probably my favourite breed of dogs ever and gosh they’re just adorable

anyways welcome :]


y are u a squirrel


I like squirrels.