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My name is Khloe & I like to play Minecraft. My ign is glowire22 at lifeboat. I just joined forums because it looks interesting & my friend told me to join forums.
I started playing lifeboat May 2017. My favorite gamemodes are survival games & capture the flag. Also add me on xbox live so we can play Minecraft together:)
Sorry for short intro I don’t know what else to say.




Who’s your friend? We are a relatively small community, we might know this person.


Welcome, @glowire22! Hope you enjoy your stay! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey Abiz , it’s nice seeing you here😁


A friend from sg13.


Hello! Before you have any fun, please take a look at this :slight_smile:


Hey @glowire22!! Welcome to the forums!


Hey GodessSerenity! I miss your old gamertag😁
Thanks btw


Welcome to the forums!


Salutations. I am Popple. It’s nice to meet you and welcome to the forums. Hope you enjoy your time here. Breakfast is complimentary and check-out times are from 6am-11am.


Hi popple! how nice😁


Hello!! Welcome to the forums :smile:


Greetings Fellow CtF player
I don’t even play anymore but I remember seeing you a few times
I’m LordlyWarrior42 hi


Oh you retired!


welcom2 forums m8, I saw u at ctf couple days ago. I like your defense skills


Hey there, welcome to the forums!


Your name feels familiar but then we did play on the same game modes.

Welcome anyways