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Salutations! My name is Steven, Steven Gabert. You guys may know me by the name of Cubistic. I like to rap, my favorite rappers are Eminem and K.A.A.N. And my favorite song is of course, Rap God and L.T.N.

  • I like llamas (don’t ask why)

  • I like PUBG mobile.

  • My goal is to be a helper in HiveMC (yeah I love Hive as much as Lifeboat)

  • My best friends are @Fishy, @sckkzj, and @sprinkledcheese

  • I like math.

  • My vision is to be an psychologist.

  • I am an ex-trainee of Lifeboat

That’s pretty much all of the minor facts of my self


Hello! Welcome to the forums. :slightly_smiling_face:


Why hello there cubistic :]


Oi! Welcome!!!




You seem familiar. But anyways, welcome and hope you will achieved getting staff in Hive :smiley:


At least u play pugb.
Not fortnut.
Anyway hiiii


Hi there steven. My name is ruby. I hope you have a good time on this forums (its really fun here).


Hello Jemes.


I feel like I remember you .-.
anyways hi


Welcome to the forums!




Hello before getting mad at me please take a look at this.

Anyways this was a joke, I didn’t type “I’m gurl” I’m a boy so don’t call me a girl cause I am not dumb.

Welcome to forums anyways and read dis please it’s important and it will save your life.

Happy lifeboating.




Allways good posting links that no one posted yet :stuck_out_tongue:
One day I will be regular.

Some day I’ll keep sending links to new people :stuck_out_tongue:


Why do you like llamas



welcome bacc


U made me cry :cry: