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Hello My name is SuckPowers


Introduce yourself to the community! Doesn’t matter how long you’ve been here, we want to get to know you! Please include your ign in the title.

Hello i am SuckPowers, i am just a normal person that loves playing minecraft every other day and the first time i joined minecraft was 2011 and the day, month, and year i joined this community was in march 17th 2018 and i had a lot of good times in this community. I actually am a sensitive person just to let you know but im also the kind of person that doesn’t care about negative stuff from others trying to get my reaction so i just ignore them and don’t care about those kind of stuff, and one last thing im gonna explain myself is i am very calm but can easily get angry from people trying to be cool or some stuff that they don’t believe me and etc, which leads me on the negative side if you know what i really mean but not really in the rude side just a little bit. So yeah that’s all you need to know about me, thank you viewers for reviewing my Introduce Yourself and i appreciated.

oh and one last thing, yea i know its a silly dumb name but i couldn’t think of any other username to name myself for my account unfortunately, but if your wondering where i got this name from, i got this name from IT 2017 movie, it was at this scene where bill and his friends were getting pushed and shoved after they left the school and talking about random funny stuff to each other then bill became angry and then unexpectedly shout out “SUCKPOWERS” and i had an idea in my head just for my minecraft username. thats all!

Oh and happy New Year’s Everyone


And now, the latest new comer of the forums!


And utmost indeed the last new comer! Of the year,


Hello and welcome to the Lifeboat Forums my dude!!
I hope you enjoy your time here with us, and please try to make our live stream hosted by @FMBristol and @CooperCaspian (real fun)

If you want/need help with anything, please don’t hesitate to ask either Me or a Forums Moderator, and we will assist you the best we can.

Happy New Years to you as well, I hope you have good New Years resolutions :joy::v:

Peace to you my dude!
Welcome to the Forums!
Happy Lifeboating!!


normal ppl dont play minecraft…

epic special ppl do…

hi btw… i am me


Hello! Before you have any fun, please take a look at this. :slight_smile:


Hello! Welcome to the forums, hope we all get along. :smiley:


waddup succpowers

im gonna call u succ from now on dont @ me




Welcome and Happy New Years!!


Well, we’ve seen one of you before.

WELCOME, you’ll fit in perfectly with all of us in this small community of like…10…people online at once…

YEAH :smiley: