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Hello, My name is Ash, or AshblueDust


G’day, my real name’s Ash, but you can call me Blue if you’d like. My IGN’s AshblueDust (Don’t make fun of me I thought of it on the fly :D)
I’m an Australian male, still in high school (Sadly), and yet I still find a lot of time to use on Minecraft. I enjoy watching Netflix, reading, gaming and helping people, but I haven’t been getting much time for watching anything recently as all my attention has been on Minecraft with like 1% focused on school. I’m running out of things to talk about because, to be honest, I’m really not that interesting. I’ll just go. Bye :D.


Welcome to the forums!


Thank you :slight_smile:


g’day mate


Hello AshblueDust




Hi! Welcome to the forums!


To forums the welcome.

Shoot that’s not it.

Welcome to the forums. I’m Popple, just your average lurker. Welcome and enjoy your stay. Check-out times are between 10am-1pm. Breakfast is complimentary.


come one come all make this place more relevant than ricegum… oh wait


Welcome Ash!


Welcome to the lifeboat forums :lifeboat:

chat with @discobot for a tutorial on how to use the forums.


Don’t need one, but thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok there are a lot of posts, so here’s a conjoined thank you.

Thank you, everyone.


but you get a cool certificate, trust me its fun to mess around with the bot lol


Hey there! Welcome to the forums!


Welcome aboard Ash! :grin:




@smartypig38 ?


@AshblueDust ,
Hello, and Welcome!

—Am active on lifeboat
—Ask my questions
— Feel drew to dm if you ever want to just…chat
— Check our my bio :ok_hand:
KibbleYTGaming [gamer tag]
— Instagram KibbleMCYTGaming

Welcome to the Forums, Have a Wonderful and Blessed Day! @MasterAnonymous2


Why is your name changed you were Kibbles like the last time I talked to you