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Hello! I'm Loka


I am a furry and I like to play Minecraft w/ my friends.
I have a discord server, feel free to join it if you like different gaming bots.
My discord username is Loka#1099
My IGN for MC is VoidedSolid


Welcome to lifeboat forums! Please read rules below because there will help you!

Other than that, happy lifeboating :stars: :creepersolution: and ask me questions who i am.


Hi Loka! Welcome to the forums!


Hi! Welcome to the forums!


Furry ok you might like @MasterBroPro1 then… :laughing: jkjkjk

welcome to the forums enjoy your stay :smile:


Heyyy welcome! Glad to have ye here. I’m more than sure that @Hazard_DutchAD and ya will be best friends. :wink:


@NatoPi1 do we got beef? We gonna throw hands in a minute brother.


You and Loka gonna be great friends too.


Hi Loka. Welcome to DeathBoat. You’re new friend here is gonna be Grim Reaper and he’ll show you around.
I’m MasterBroPro, the funny one around here. If you want that spot, you’re gonna have to take it from me. We can fight any time.



@sckkzj is furry too.


That’s funny Hazard and I are actually friends on Discord! lol :smile_cat:


Good luck mah brada’s…




Welcome Aboard! Loka!



Bienvenida loka o loca?


Welcome aboard to our forums Loka! :grin:


Hey what why?! I was flagged!


Welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:


why were you flagged?? :confused: