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Hello I am SixCrayfish8977


I am SixCrayfish8977 on MC. I am proud to be part of the Lifeboat Community. I spend most of my LB time on Lifeboat City.


Yooooooooo. Welcome… most of the ppl here are pretty dumb but you can ask me and @MasterBroPro1 questions… :laughing:


Welcome! :test:


Tysm for the welcomings!


:creepersolution: Welcome newcomer!
We suggestyou read all the terms below and rules so you dont do a silly mistake.

Anyways happy lifeboating and enjoy the forums! :smiley:


Hello, welcome to LifeBoat. I’m entity1O1 (Just a salty kid :D). have fun and remember to follow the rules


Hello :six: :lobster:
I am Daniel
Welcome to the forums
Have a good time


welcome bro

and i am not dumb
i am highly intelligent

i could have a kid and he would be considered a completely different intelligent species


Welcome! :owo:




Welcome to the forums :orangeaxe:


Hi welcome to the forums! I am a beta tester for LB, so if you come across any bugs feel free to message me. :blush:


Welcome! :grin: