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Hello: Floralane27


Hello I’m Flora lane, (u can just call me Flora xP)
I’m 14 yrs old and Umm yeah?
I like to read books and play the piano while sipping away at a cup of coffe, Iv played this network a few times over my life, But iv never thought of coming to make a forums account on this network.
I’m From a different server ( I won’t say what one) And was usually focused more on that server than this one, But I guess I want to try somthing new… And widen out my range! Get out of my comfort zone!
Find new friends and make a new life… So here I am
I don’t really want to achieve anything big on this server or anything so I’m just Ur normal Lbsg player… (No ones normal lmao)
Thankyou for reading my introduction


hello mate

welcome ayy


welcome then to the lifeboat forums :]


Hey there, welcome to the forums!


Welcome to the forums! :tada:




If you are Flora, then who’s your Fauna


My wut? ;-;




Looks like we both play the piano.

Hello! Before you have any fun, please take a nice look at this to be on the good side of our moderators!




Answer the question


Salutations. My name is Popple and welcome to the forums.


Hey there, this is your active creeper friend, how are you? Im good but you can ask questions about who am i? Anyways happy lifeboating :smile:

:creepersolution: Solution as always!


Lmao I was wonder Where the rules and term conditions were in this network… Thankyou ^^


Hello ^^ I’m very well ty
I have maybe a few questions…
.What is ur role in the server?
. Wdym by Happy solutions?
.And are you rlly always active? :3
Plus I like ur name… Thx for the welcome


Ahhh I see what you mean…
Flora is the plant of life
And fauna refers to animals, so a Roman goddess…
But I still don’t get ur question, Who is my fauna? Well idk?