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Hello fellas


Hi, I’m here to provide a better service. I love Minecraft and mainly Mario. Everyone who I see loves Mario or has been a Mario fan, will get this quote from me:

‘Want to rent a private room together with a Mario painted wall?’



Hey, Omega.

I hope this is not another one of your trolls about gotten…

Also, mind if I correct this:

almost everyone.

Want me to lock you in a blank room instead?

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Human cruelty.

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Aha ha ha ha…
jokes on you.

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Jokes on your mum and your family.

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Since when that became a thing?

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Listen, Omega.

Of all the things you can do, trolling and harassment to gain attention is what you think the best thing to do in life? Psh, mere peasant. Do more important things in life like chores.

You’re also a one of a kind hypocrite. <- - reflect on that.

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This is one of my games I play. It’s very entertaining. Mind your own business. What are you trying to do? You want to be promoted to a forum moderator?

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Omega? As in Sami? One of the old moderators?

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I haven’t broken ANY SERIOUS rules here and yet I get dealt with!

People who use severe profanity and talks about DDOS should get a treatment like I did.

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Oh yes… He is. You can ask BigPapi. I can also show the message he sent to me.

Here is the reason why he is doing such actions:

He even said this:



So you think harassment is too minor to be taken action? Okay, so saying something disturbing to someone is a small problem? Fine! I won’t stop you from doing it, but don’t ask me why you got banned and accused for peadophilia after.

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Never ending comeuppance.






Wait, he’s Omega?
THE Omega?

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Yes, the ex moderator.

Look at the DMs he sent me…

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Noooooo why did u let him get suspended.
Hes our boi, omega.
The one and only omega…

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You’re giving justice to someone who wants to scare innocent players and harass them? Wow, I’m not surprised.

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He will be missed…

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poor omega

what’s happening lmao

i think he’s just bored tbh

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