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Hazard DutchAD


In-Game Username: Hazard DutchAD

Roles: Twitter Support (@lifeboatsupport), Builder, Artist, In-game moderator, Trainee mentor & Discord moderator.

Favourite hobby: Furry conventions

About: Hey there!

As most of you already know about me, i’ll get to the point of my roles. If you don’t know about me, you can read my introduction here. My main role at Lifeboat is to moderate the server. Normally I can be found moderating on Lifeboat City, and Survival Mode, though sometimes I do switch to other gamemodes when a player needs assistance with a rule breaker. I have been a moderator for Lifeboat since late 2018, and I have learned how the team works and communicates with each-other. Most of you know me as being rather strict, but i’m not strict, I just take my role seriously.

Another important role of mine, is to help manage the official Lifeboat Support Twitter account. When a player needs help on Twitter, or mentions the account requiring assistance or if they just have a question, I will reply back to them and answer their tweet either providing a link relating to the tweet, or replying normally if it is a question. Customer services / support has always been one of my strong points, and to get the chance to get more involved in that sector, it is an amazing opportunity.

Then there is my role as an artist for the server. This isn’t really about making art, but it’s about image manipulation and the ability to take high quality / professional screenshots on the server. These screenshots are then edited, and sent to our content producer for the likes of Twitter, and YouTube thumbnails. It’s a great thing to do on the side while working as a moderator, and it’s a pretty easy thing to do!

Lets move onto to my role as a trainee mentor. This is something that a lot of players don’t notice, as it is behind the scenes work. A trainee mentor helps to train anyone who is about to become part of the moderation program. While I train someone, I always try to get in at least three sessions a week, and give them a customised form to fill out at the end of my session, including questions they asked me during those sessions.

Another role of moderation that I take part in is Discord moderation. Discord moderation is a pretty hard role on this list, because you have to keep a sharp eye on the server (Discord). You never know when a player might instantly start a raid or start spamming. As a Discord moderator, I do everything I can do on the server, although it is in Discord. It seems rather simple, and it is, but it can be rather time consuming too.

Finally, there is my role as a builder. I help contribute to maps and assist other builders when they need my help. My main skill as a builder comes down to minigame maps, so expect some new maps to be coming later this year (maybe :wink:)

I try to do as much as I can for the Lifeboat community, mainly because I want to help make the community better in every way possible.

Anyways, you can find me on:

Favourite food: Has to be KFC, anything KFC related.

Other hobbies: Gaming, writing long paragraphs, travelling.

Other Voluntary work I do: Live support for Activision, official Minecraft moderator for Microsoft, Liverpool Airport volunteer and Discord events team volunteer.

One thing about me: I try to be professional at all times, although I do have a fun side of me.


Bravo bravo :clap::joy:


Nice job. Also ur one of them most online mods and I seen u ingame before :slight_smile:

I hope I see u again.


Some purple 3 year old report hazard for no reason just ignore her she has nothing else to do


Your doing your job hazard you are not a Lacker I seen you do your job good watching what I say remember last time you muted me for swearing that mean your on point